Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 8 Credit Report Tips

Hi guys not many of us has good credit, and those that has perfect credit I suggest you try to keep that way don't let it go bad like the rest of us. Having good credit is very important especially if you are planning buying a home in the future. I know it's a tough time to get credit so make sure your rating is as good as possible. Here are a few easy ways to raise your credit scores

1. Having good credit is pretty much everybody's problem in this country. Debit consolidation is a smart and relatively painless way to ease some of the hardship of having lots of debt. With debt consolidation you can lower your monthly payments and you may also be able to lock in a lower interest rate. The easiest kinds of consolidations to obtain are for student loans but many banks also offer consolidation services for mortgages and if your credit score is good credit card debt.

2. There are different types of debt consolidation services so make sure you know what you're getting into. Some services often non-profits contact the financial institutions you owe the money to and try to get your interest rates lowered. Then you pay them one lump-sum  payment each month and they pay the companies for you. Other types of debt consolidation usually through banks basically just give you a loan to pay off all your other loans. Either way, debt consolidation can make your finances a little more manageable.

3. When purchasing a cell phone never sign up for insurance or a warranty and if you're paying a
monthly fee for insurance cancel it immediately. The insurance plan of many cellular providers has a phone you'll usually receive as a replacement will be an already outdated model from last year. The cost of taking your chances and buying a cheap replacement if necessary is much less than what your cellular company is offering you.

4. Trying to get a grip on budgeting? Travus which will not only walk you through how to better budget your money but will also give you free downloadable forms like a spending tracker to help get you started.

5. If you haven't already get a free credit report by going to or calling 1-877-322-8228. Don't be fooled by other "free credit report" sites which often require membership payment fees.

6. Check your report for accuracy. On the internet you can often click the item directly to dispute it. Make sure all of the address listed are current or former addresses and that all loans and lines of credit listed are yours. If you're unsure contact the customer service number on the report and ask for more information.

7. Get rid of all credit cards that are not in use. If you have three or more credit cards for stores that you don't frequently visit then it's a good idea to throw them out. Even if you don't carry balances on these cards one of the things that can lower your credit rating is the amount of available credit you have. Call the number on the back of the cards and cancel them.

8. Let say you are listed as a secondary card holder for an account of someone who has racked up a lot of debt on their card, this can negatively impact your credit rating. If it isn't necessary for you to be in their credit card account call the company and get your name taken off.

9. You will be able to request a free credit report once a year. Try to make a regular habit of requesting it and reviewing it as closely as you would your bank statement. The more quickly you notice a discrepancy the easier it will be to get rid of it from your report.

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