Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here Are Some Great Cheap Christmas Decoration Tips

Hello everybody it’s Christmas time again and I can’t wait to see what everybody get me for Christmas this year. I like to spend Christmas at home and I always start decorating my home two weeks before Christmas.
Every year I carefully put away all my Christmas decoration and ornaments somewhere safe so that I can reuse them the following year. By doing that you will be able to save a huge amount of money (I only wish I could do the same with the gifts but that is impossible lol) anyway below are some great cheap ways to save this Christmas.
Decorations tips: used wisely, a little ribbon can go a long way. Wrap it around just about anything a vase, throw pillow, lamp shade, curtains, pillar candles and the list goes on to help create a festive atmosphere at little or no cost. You can use cheap homemade Christmas decorations to make your house look wonderful for the Christmas.
Be colorful: if you want your home to look super-Christmassy, scan your living room for brightly colored objects that aren’t red or green and move them to invisible or inconspicuous locations for the season. Without other colors to distract people’s eyes your red and green Christmas decorations will stand out even more.

Outdoor Decorating: when you’re pruning your trees and bushes in the spring or summer time make sure to save some of the branches for later use. Then spray paint them red, white, silver, or gold, and you have an instant Christmas decoration! Place them in planters of flowers that are dead for the winter and add lights or ornaments for extra flair.

Long-lasting wreaths: we all love the look of pine wreaths and garlands, but hate when the needles get all over the floor. To keep the needles from falling spritz your holiday greenery with hair spray right after you purchase it. The hair spray will keep the needles moist and where they belong. Isn’t that a great cheap way to turn things into Christmas decoration?   
Using home remedy: the scent of evergreen is pure magic you could do without the sticky sap left on your hands after collecting branches for a wreath or making one. Bring out the Hellmann’s (or whatever mayonnaise you have on hand). Rub a small spoonful on your hands like lotion and the sap will wash right off. All these are simple but cheap decoration that will help you save a lot of money.

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