Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cheap Thanks Giving Tips For All

**Hi guys, with thanksgiving just a few day away I assuming that everybody has already made plans. I am a traditional person and I always tried to keep it up. Every year one of my siblings would keep thanks giving at their home. Last year it was held at my brother’s house. We had a lot of fun each year exchanging gifts and sharing our pass thanks giving jokes with the rest of our family. Well, I have some great thanksgiving money saving tips for everybody. **

**If you are trying to save this thanksgiving don’t be afraid to make it a potluck! Most of your guest just love to bring a dish that shows of their culinary skills and those that don’t bring food will bring wine for the occasion.

**Get your children involve by allowing them to decorate the table while you are dealing with other important stuff such as preparing the special thanksgiving meal. Send the smaller ones to get some flowers from your back yard garden. Make sure that they don’t get too dirty in the process.

This way it will allow the older children to help the smaller ones to arrange the flowers in the middle of the table, it’s a wonderful opportunity to have a thanksgiving activity that will get the entire family involved.

**Skip the last minute thanksgiving panic on major holidays and mash the potatoes first thing in the morning, Transfer then to a slow cooker while you focus on stuffing the turkey and preparing string beans for the thanksgiving dinner. Two hours before you’re ready to serve the meal turn on the slow cooker. You won’t have to give the potatoes another thought until the guest are seated and you are ready to serve the meal. 

**This little gem of a recipe will give your home an instant cozy and home-for-the holidays feeling. Mix whole cloves, crouched cinnamon sticks leaves, jumper berries, orange peels, nutmeg and allspice. Just store the mixture in a jar until you are ready to use it.

To get the smell to disseminate, boil water in a saucepan and pour in some of your homemade potpourri. Simmer gently and our house guaranteed to start smelling like Christmas.   

**Did you know that the average American family spends around $400 on presents, decorations and other holiday related items at Christmas time? Make sure to save up for his huge expense starting earlier in the year and you won’t end up in dept after Christmas is done.

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