Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday: 7 Great Deals And Tips

Hey guys, after experiencing black Friday’s last year for the first time, let me tell you it was a nightmare. Although black Friday is great you don’t need to actually go to the stores you can also get great deals from the comfort of your home.

Instead of facing the risk of being trampled on or even being injured during a black Friday’s event just do all your shopping online. It’s much easier than being crushed by people rushing into the stores. They really don’t care who they trampled on they just want to get into the store first to grab the best deals. It is something you’ll never want to experience.

I never thought in my wildest dream that it was going to be like that, I knew that the stores was going to be crowded but I am glad that I went anyway because I now know what to expect and that I better off shopping at home. So before you rush out into the cold just consider these tips first.

*Although black Friday gives you the biggest deals of the year it just isn’t worth the trouble. Just remember that you can also do your shopping online too. Because most stores offers their best black Fridays deals on the internet also.  

You should also keep in mind that most online shipping are expected to increase by 10 percent to 15 percent again this year, that simply means that the most popular items will eventually be sold out just as fast – if even faster – online.

In order to get what you really want on black Friday, you must make sure you know when the sales have began. Shopping online will help you save time, gas and sales tax, but the only down fall is that the shipping and handling cost might be even higher than you thought. Just be sure to consider all this before you make a decision on how you’ll do your Black Friday shopping.

**Don’t always assume that Black Friday deals are always the best of the year. It’s Not true at all. Just make sure to look out for things that you know are always expensive to determine if it’s worth your time and money to purchase it. Some Black Friday ads point out that some toys, electronics and appliances will cost more on Black Friday than they did earlier this year. 

The best place to start your black Friday shopping online is Amazon, a perennial low-price leader. I hope this information will help you to figure out the best places to spend your money.

***Try to find out which stores are offering the best black Friday deals such as a $300 TVs or $500 laptops and does the big-box retailer in your town have it on sale? Find out also if the stores are passing out vouchers or tickets to shoppers in line, or whether the shoppers are going to hustle to get what they want after the doors open on black Friday? Some stores do offer rain-checks after some items have sold out.

****If you decided to venture out on Black Friday, just remember to be careful at all times. Most importantly, find out when Black Friday sales begin at the stores that you are planning to go and map out a schedule for yourself for example Walmart first, Target second, Best Buy third, and so on. 
I believe timing is everything on Black Friday, so make some wise decision as to where you want to go first, and also take into consideration where these stores are located. You can’t afford to be driving all the way across town more than once during the night. Think about it you’ll be spending more on gas and wasting a lot of time.      

*****For online shoppers, remember to take advantage of online resources. Give yourself the best opportunity to get what you want out of black Friday’s deals. and other websites should help you select the best deals by sending you email alerts on specific items that you are considering buying. 

You can also follow the Twitter feeds of the brands and stores where you can find the best black Friday’s deals check for updates and so-called flash deals. First thing to do is to decide on what you want to purchase and which store is offering the best black Friday price and start shopping before the sales begin.  

******On Black Friday, this translates to not always follow the crowds. Why wait in a very long line for a $300 TV at Walmart or Macys when you could get the same items at other big-box retailer stores for TV-$325 which just cost a little over the price.

At least the lines are much shorter. Every store is looking forward for your business on black Friday. They may not have the reputation for offering “door-busters” or don’t have the budget to spend a lot on advertising but they do appreciate any business they can get.

*******However, if you’ve decided to join the thousands of people on Black Friday shopping then I suggest that you show a little kindness to the store employees. It would make their job a lot easier because they have to go out of their way to help considerate shoppers, like you to find exactly what they are looking for. Who knows they might even help you out by giving you coupons in case you forget to bring yours. Even if your kindness doesn’t benefit you on Black Friday, hey, it’s the right thing to do.     


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