Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas money saving shopping tips

Hey guys, with Christmas just around the corner some people just love the last minute shopping, but what they don’t realize is that the prices also goes up when it’s near to Christmas. Christmas comes but once a year so we have to make the best of it. Many people tends to over spend during Christmas seasons, oh I must confess that I am one of then lol.
Anyway, when you are shopping for Christmas,(like grocery shopping you also need a list) otherwise you will most likely to over spend. Another thing you most always try to shop early like in the middle of October when the stores haven’t yet increased the prices on the items.
 I found this out last year when I bought an item for $150 in the first week of October and them I decided to purchase the same item in the first week of December at the same store and to my surprise the price was much higher. So you need to start shopping for Christmas very early if you want to save money. I have some super tips that will help you save big this Christmas.  

Making A List;
Shopping without a Christmas list will most definitely make you forget who you are buying for and it will also causes you to buy more than you plan to. You don’t have to write down all the things you are going to purchase but the names of the people you are planning to get a gift for Christmas. Try not to go over your budget this year.
What To Buy
You don’t need to buy expensive Christmas gift for your parents just a post card will say a million words. You can also take them out for dinner at their favorite restaurant instead of buying both of them individual gifts. You might even save a lot of money this Christmas by doing that. Remember it’s the thought that counts. If in case you haven’t got any idea what to buy somebody just give them a gift card instead. Most people will accept a post card other than a gift.                   

Using Coupons
Go on sites like and where you will find coupons for spa treatments, hotel, kitchen stuff and many more that will cut down you Christmas spending to a limit... Just make sure that the coupons haven’t yet expired. The benefit of using coupons for Christmas shopping will help you to control your budget. Using coupons will not only help you to spend less money but it will also help you to purchase more gift than you’ve expected. Everybody likes a little discount when it comes to buying Christmas gifts.
Using Credit And Debit Cards
If you don’t want to over send when shopping this Christmas then put away your credit card and only use your debit card. Why? Because when you use your credit card you tend to spend more money than what you want to spend. But if you use your debit card to shop for Christmas gifts then you won’t be able to over spend remember your debit card has a certain amount of money in it and that should help you to stay within your budget. Just make sure that you remember how much money you have on your card before you start your Christmas shopping guys.
Comparing Prices
Check all the prices on your list before you go to the mall. This is very important if you are going to shop for expensive Christmas item that are more than likely to be on sale. Most big stores will overprice their items, so that the discount will look very convincing. Therefore, they fooled the public into thinking you're getting a bargain on a $1,000 television that's has a 50% sale tag on it. When the regular price was actually $599 and so the 50% sale price would seems like a great bargain. This is the strategy that most stores use every year to get customers to buy more Christmas presents than they usually would.
Make Up A Budget
When you write down your Christmas gift list do some advance price-checking to ensure that you don’t go over your budget limit. It would make it much easier figure out how much you want to spend. After you have added up the rough cost of all the items on your list consider whether this total is an amount that will fit within your current budget. This will let your Christmas shopping less painful when you look at your bill.
Can’t Afford Expensive Gifts
Don’t go into debt if you can’t afford to keep up with the normal state of gift giving, don't be scared to confess that you can only afford to buy Christmas presents for your immediate family. So if you can only afford to buy your friends a post card then they’ll understand your situation…

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