Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Top 10 Interviewing Questions With Recommended Answers

Hi guys, these tips are for people who are looking for jobs and are lucky enough to land an interview. The tips are also for people who are always getting interviews but can’t seem to land the job. Here are some of the most frequently asked question that I can guarantee the interviewer will most likely ask during an interview. The answers that I have provided are not necessary what you would say but it should help you to answer the questions correctly and accurately.

                  1.      Why do you think that you are the best person for this position?

This would probably be the second to last question they would ask, let the interviewer know how qualified you are for the position. Speak with confidence as if you are sure that you are the best candidate for the position. Below is an example answer:

I have the qualification and experience to be a great assist to your company. If given this opportunity I am confident that I know that I will be an effective clerk. I am also very eager and anxious to utilize my computer skills and I have a lot of experience using Microsoft office.
                2.      What do you look for in a job?

Tell the interviewer exactly what you are looking for in a job you can either use my example below or come up with a better one.

I am looking for a good working environment where I can improve my organization and computer skills. I am also looking for a long term security with room for growth.
               3.      How would you describe yourself?

Make sure that you describe yourself to the fullest and match your attributes with your last employment. You could use my example but remember to replace the data with your information.

I am very punctual, dependable, hard working and I have attention to detail in my task and I am also a people person. These are all the attributes that I conveyed at (The little sister office) in New York where I preformed data entry and filing.
                   4.      Can you work well under pressure?

Tell them bluntly that you can work well under pressure and if possible try to give them a good example like mine below:

I am extremely capable of working under pressure, when I was a teacher at Gospel Light house basic back in Jamaica. I had to teach two classes at the same time and the principal was always pressuring me to keep an eye on children at all times.
                 5.  Why do you want to work for us?

The first thing you should tell the interviewer is that you would love to work there and let he or she knows that you are eager to learn more about their company and of course you can change my example around where necessary.

This would be my dream job. I have an Associate Degree in Medical Billing & Coding and I would like to use my administration skills that I have learnt during the course. I feel this position will give me the opportunity to utilize my educational skills.
                6. Tell me a little about yourself?

Well, this question is all about you don’t tell them a long boring life story from birth till now. Just let them know all that you have achieved form the past two years. Make necessary changes to my example below.

I came from Jamaica in 2006 to live with my mother and I am also looking for an opportunity to improve my life. I am a people person. I did a two year course at Anthem College where I pursue Medical Billing & Coding in 2009. I did some volunteer work as an assistance clerk doing filing, data processing and data entry at Coney Island Head Office and little sisters of the assumption in New York.
              7.   What are your career goals?

Tell them about your dream job from your childhood days or if you are a college graduate then tell them that you would like to utilize all the skills that you have studied for during college. The example below is just a way to get your creative juice flowing if you are having problems with this particular question.

My career goal is to become an Administration Office Clerk and show case my computer and organizational abilities in a professional settings.
               8.  What are you strengths?

This where you get to show off all your abilities that you are most good at, and also try to include an example of how you have demonstrate your strengths at your previous job. See if my example can trigger your memory a bit.

First of all I never back down from a challenge. I am extremely adept at organizing information on the computer. I am extremely good at researching on the internet. I have good computer skills. I can easily adapt to new technology.
                9.  What are your weaknesses?

Okay, this one is a bit tricky. For each of your weaknesses explain how you are going to improve them in the future. The example below should help you to figure out your answer. 

My weakness is that many times people having a problem understanding me when I speak but that is due to my disability. I was told that I speak very soft so I have been trying to improve that problem by projecting my voice little more when I speak and also try speaking slowly and clearly so that people will understand me better.
Another one of my weaknesses is that I have a habit of trying to perform more than one task at a time so I told myself that I need to do the most important one first in order to improve my work performance.
              10.  Do you have any questions?

This is always the last question they are most definitely going to ask. So answer this question base upon what you found out about their company when you did your research. You can also use any of the examples below if you like. In fact, you can base your answers on the job description. You can also as the interviewer a personal question like “how long have you been working here” people love to talk about themselves.    

Although I have read the job description I would like to know specifically what I would be doing in this position. What is a typical day is like here? Exactly what are you looking for in a candidate? Will I be getting a certain amount of work for the day? What is the salary like? (Only ask this question if the interviewer didn’t mention it during the interview). When you give the interviewer a hand shake and thank her for her time and consideration ask her if she have any idea when they will be making a hiring decision and then ask if you can give them a call.

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