Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fear of driving here are some tips

Hi guys, I hope that everyone had festive holiday as I did. I recently gotten my driver’s license and I can’t wait to start driving alone for the first time. Many people often have a fear of driving by themselves for the first time so in this article I have some great tips to help those people who are having trouble getting over it.
Well, fear of driving can lead you to many things whether driving as whole, by yourself for the first time, on the high-way or over bridges or at night, you can overcome your fears and remain relaxed if you simply follow my tips.

Find out what is causing you to have these anxieties. Probably you are new to driving? Or you have recently been in a car accident? Maybe you are not totally satisfied with your driving skills? Once you have figured out the cause of your fear then I suggest that you seek help that can help your way of thinking. If it's emotional scars, consider getting help from a therapist. With all that out of your way let begin.
Just get into your car, relax and as soon as you feel comfortable turn the engine on and relax your mind. Then adjust the seat to your comfort, and the rest of the other things such as mirrors or anything else that might make you feel uncomfortable. Feeling comfortable is one of the most important thing in driving, it will help you to overcoming the fear of driving. Once you become more relaxed behind the wheel, even if the car is off, than that's a step in the right direction.
You can ask your friend to join you in your car. Having one of your friends in the car will help you to relax even better. However, anything that you can do to cut the tension is good when overcoming the fear of driving.
Don’t turn on any music while driving because it can be a distraction when driving. However, you can drive with music when you have become more comfortable behind the wheel.
If it’s your first time driving alone take small steps by driving around the block. Then the next time, you can drive a few miles and then return. Build up your confidence little by little and eventually you will start feeling more comfortable. Take your time and don't try to force yourself to drive far until you are totally relaxed behind the wheel.
You can also get instruction from a professional driving school, if you can't overcome your fears on your own. Or maybe you can ask a close friend will help you through this process.

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