Sunday, November 4, 2012

Free Coupons And How To Get Them

**Hey guys it’s getting closer to my favorite time of the year. Yes! Silly I am talking about *Christmas*. I just love to start shopping early don’t you? And I know that everybody is trying to save money to buy presents for their children, friends, and love ones. Well, I have some great coupon tips that will not only help to reduce the amount of money you are spending but you will be able to buy enough gifts for everyone including yourself. **

Coupons aren’t just for people who buy the Sunday paper anymore! There is now an impressive array of coupons sites online that offer coupons on groceries, house hold items, toys, and many more. Here are some of my favorites: 

        **At they search for the best deals, or “saves” in your ZIP code on everything from hair cuts to yoga classes. When you sign up with their site they will send you an email every day letting you know about the latest save and allow you to easily share it with your friends and family.*
   **Perhaps our all time favorite site for savings is where you can save time and money by matching your store’s weekly sales items with coupons available from the Sunday newspaper or online websites. What’s so unique about this site is it provides a list of the best grocery deals and coupons by state. So if you are interested in what on sale at say Shoprite in New Jersey, for example each week offerings are noted here. In addition the site provides “Virtual coupon organizer”, which will help you organize coupons you’ve pulled from around the web.*
   **Okay at you can get a sneak peek at the upcoming coupons to print out coupons that will appear in your Sunday paper and other publications along with an ever changing array of free offers.*
   **Some of the easiest coupons to print out can be found at, where you can search and easily print out coupons after downloading a simple program on your computer.  You can also select coupons to be added directly to your grocery store’s customer rewards program so you don’t even need to print anything out. Just click on the coupons and you’ll get the discount when you use your card.* Get more coupon tips here.

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