Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why I started this blog

I have several reasons why I started this blog. Well, I started blogging because I just love writing and sharing all those juicy information with my readers.All the tips you read on my blog is going to blow your mind.My blog is all about house hold tips that will help save you some money along the way.

If some of my tips may sound impossible.However,to find out if what I am saying is really true then all you need to do is to try them out for your self and prove me wrong. These tips have been tested and they really do work.But when in doubt you can always test them out for your self to see if they really work or not.

I have been trying to find a unique way to make my blog stand out from the rest.As far as I can see everybody is blogging mostly about weight loss,pets,making money, and health issues. After a couple of research I realized that there are just a few House holds tip blogs on the net so I decided to start a blog that only provides tip for just about everything you can think of.

I do hope that everyone who read my tips will find it helpful enough to spread the news about my blog.If you think that my tips are bull shit please feel free to let me know your ideas too. All my articles are open for discussion thank you.


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