Saturday, October 13, 2012

Secret Tips For Coffee Lovers

I always prefer coffee over tea. I have two kids and both of them hated the taste of coffee and now that they have become adults they seems to prefer coffee over tea. I know it sounds very strange but I was very surprise too when I that found out. Anyway I have done some research on these tips I thought that you might be interested to know.

When you’re keeping your coffee worm in a coffee pot, it will only stay fresh for about 30 minutes after brewing.  If you decided to drink your leftover coffee in the morning then add a pinch of salt to it before you reheat it. You won’t even taste the salt but your coffee will taste like it has just been brewed.
Summer Coffee
Who doesn’t enjoy an iced coffee on a sultry summer morning? To make sure that the ice doesn’t melt and dilute you ice coffee, use the coffee that is left at the bottom of your coffee pot each morning to make ice cubes. Then use them in your ice coffee and it will never taste watered down. This is also a great tip for ice tea as well.                              
Sweet Coffee
If you enjoy drinking sweeten flavored coffee simply mix ¼ fresh vanilla bean or 1teaspoon cinnamon with 1 cup of sugar in a food processor blend well  then add a scoop to your next cup. I can assure you that it is much cheaper than buying flavored coffees or creamers and it has a better taste too.
Coffee Combos
If you’re like me, we know that it’s worth spending some extra cash on high-quality coffee. The great thing about buying coffee in bulk is that you can easily mix the premium stuff with the not-so-premium stuff. I use 3 parts gourmet coffee with 1 part of the cheap stuff and even then you can’t tell the difference.
 Instant Ice Coffee
If you like drinking coffee in the summer time makes it will taste even better with the help of a martini shaker or capped thermos. Pour in the coffee, milk, ice and flavoring then cover and shake well. The shaking will add lots of air to the mixture making it light frothy and delicious too.
How To Save On Cream
If your cream of half-and-half has begun to develop an off order but you desperately need it for your coffee try mixing in ½ teaspoon baking soda; it will neutralize the lactic acid that is causing the cream to sour. Before you use the cream however taste it to be sure the flavor is still acceptable.

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