Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vinegar Is Not Only Used For Cooking

To be perfectly honest with you guys I never in my wildest dream knew that vinegar could do all these thing that I have listed below. But now that  I know I just thought that I should spread the word so I hope that you'll enjoy these tips.

These tips reveals the secrets of how useful vinegar can be around the house. Vinegar prevents and removes stains and refreshing your home at the same time. Below are some miracles that you have never known about that vinegar could do and more. By doing some experiment I found out many things that vinegar is helpful with including your health.
 Blanket Fluffier
Before  using your wooden or cotton blankets when the whether becomes cold wash them in the gentle cycle with 2 1/2 cups of white vinegar. It will leave them fluffy and soft as new.
Tar stains removal
Tar stains are very hard to remove but by using a little vinegar can be a big help. If your clothes is stained by tar try pouring a few drops of white vinegar on the stain and wash it as usual you will be amazed. We've also had luck removing gas, coffee, soda and other fruits stains with vinegar.
Brighten cloudy glass
If your glasses are beginning to develop a fine film due to too many trips through the dish washer soak them in a bath of worm vinegar for an hour. The results is amazing.
Not only does it clean your glasses but it can get rid of stains form your suede too. Simply dip an old tooth brush in white vinegar and gently brush over the grease.
How to wash your new jeans
Every time we buy a new jeans just wash them in white vinegar mixed with worm water. why? It will remove their stiffness and make sure they stay color-fast. Just throw them in the wash 10 fluid ounce of vinegar and your usual amount of soap.  You can also add other clothes with it too.
Underarm stains
When dealing with stains left by sweat or deodorant we always turn to vinegar. Soak underarm areas in vinegar for-about 10 minutes before washing and the yellow stain and also the smell will be gone by the time you rinse them. If this doesn't work then use baking soda paste and vinegar together  before washing.
Help your black pants to keep its color
Are your black pants color fading vinegar can be used for keeping your black pants form losing its color. Vinegar can be used to keep you black pants stay black after every wash. Just put in a least a cup of white vinegar before putting your pants into the water. The vinegar will help your black pants keep its color.
White marks on your clothes
When you let down hems on your clothes such as skirts, dresses and pants there is often a white mark whee the fabric was turned up. In order to get rid of it, first worm up your iron and then use a old toothbrush dipped in white vinegar that has been diluted with a small amount of water to over the mark. Then press with the iron. The mark will eventually come put right before your eyes. If incase it doesn't come out the first time just repeat the process until it does.

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