Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Seasoning Tip For Any Meats

I am a meat lover but after I learn how to cook meat it came like a breeze to me. I am always watching the cooking channel in my spare time. And the tips below is all that I have learn while watching these programs. Enjoy!

Did you know that overnight meat tastes better than when it has just been cooked? Leftover meat usually tastes better because when its left over night the seasoning get the chance to soak in to the meat letting you taste the entire flavor that you have put into it. I have got some great seasoning tips for you below.

1.  Stew Secret Ingredient
When you are cooking lamb or beef stew, try this secret ingredient add a few tablespoons of black coffee and your stew will have a nice color and a rich taste. This tip also works well for gravies.
2.  Quick Thickeners
An easy method of thickening stews, soups, or creamed vegetables is to add a small amount of quick-cooking oats a grated potato, or a some instant mashed potatoes. Never add flour directly as it will clump. However, you can mix flour with melted butter and add it that mixture to food. 
3.  For Tender Tasty Chili
Marinate meat for chili in bear. It’s a great tenderizer for tough, inexpensive cuts of beef stew and it will add great flavor to it. All you need to do is soak the meat for an hour before cooking or marinate it overnight and leave it in the refrigerator.
4.  Seasoning Removing Remedies
Here is a great tip when cooking with whole garlic cloves that you plan to remove before the dish id served: stick a toothpick firmly in the garlic so it will be easy to take out. Put herbs that fall apart during cooking in a tea infuser to make them easy to remove when your pot is finished cooking. 
5.  Gravy Secrets
Most people will probably use flour or cornstarch to thicken gravy. Although flour will thicken the gravy make sure that you don’t use too much. Gravy thicken as it cools down so if you use too much flour the gravy van become  unappealingly congealed by the time you are  ready for seconds. It may also taste “floury” rather than having the flavor of the meat juices it was made with. To dispense with the flour entirely, glazed your roasting pan with water then add a small amount of butter before reducing the mixture over high heat while stirring frequently until it is the right consistency.

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