Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cutting Board Safety Tips

Hi guys, I am sure many of us ladies always use a cutting board when preparing meals. And normally, we all just use soap and water to wash our board. But soap and water may not be enough to get rid of bacteria from your cutting boards. Here are some safety measures for plastic and wooden cutting boards. I am sure most of us have our favorites or some of us use both, whichever one you may prefer here is some safety cleaning tips for you.

** It is much safer to use two cutting boards instead of one. Although we still have to use these safety measures when washing them it's much safer to have two. Use one for cutting raw meat, poultry, and fish and use the other cutting board for mostly cooked meats, cheese and vegetables.
two is better than one 
** Wash your cutting boards immediately after using it with very hot and soapy water. If you use the plastic ones just wash it in the dishwasher because it reaches higher temperatures than the water in the sink.  In order to ensure that all the bacterium is gone from your cutting board you should wash it with light bleach solution.

** Please note that it’s very hard to scrub bacteria form out of the nooks and crannies from both plastic and wooden cutting board. I would suggest that it’s better to get rid of cutting boards whose surfaces have deep knife marks in them.

** Avoid setting hot pots on your cutting boards or butcher block counter tops. However, bacteria just love the heat and hot pans may serve to activate them or it can very well draw all the bacteria to the surface of the wood. I encourage you not to take these safety measures likely thanks for reading guys.
always have two cutting boards

** Another way to disinfect a plastic cutting board, is after you thoroughly wash it rub it with half of lemon over it and then put it into the microwave for about a minute or so.

** Another method to use in order to make sure that you got all the germs out of a wooden cutting board is to cover it with a light layer of salt that will draw out any moisture from the crevices. For the best results leave the salt on it overnight before scraping it off. Then treat the cutting board with a very light coating of mineral oil. Just use a very light coat because mineral oil may affect the potency of a number of vitamins in fruits and also vegetables.  

** If your cutting board has a lingering odor then just use salty water or white vinegar to get rid of the smell.

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