Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Going green cleaning tips

It's frustrating sometimes when right after I finished washing my car windows I still see streaks and lint all over it. No matter what I used to clean it, it's always there. I realized that it came from the paper towel that I used so instead I only use news paper and I notice a big difference. Okay below I have some really amazing cleaning tips for you guys. Enjoy!!

1. Homemade all purpose cleaner:           

A good all purpose cleaner is essential to any well run home. Keep this one on hand at all times. Start with 1/4 gallon water and mix in 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol a squirt of dish washing liquid and 1/4 teaspoon ammonia (non sudsy). Fill a spray bottle and you're ready to go.

2. Water marks on your furniture:

Whenever your kids leave watermarks on the wood table furniture. Since they never listen to your pleas to use a coaster or maybe a petroleum jelly to remove the white stains. Just rub the area with the jelly and let sit for several hours or even overnight. Then rub again with a soft cloth and the stain should disappear.

3. Clean your radiator easily

Dreading cleaning your radiator? Well, here is a little trick to easily clean it. Hang a damp cloth or damp newspapers on the wall behind it. Then use your hair dryer to blow the dust off it. The dust will stick to the wet surface behind it and then you can simply throw it away.

4. Polishing Marble furniture

Polish marble surfaces by first pulverizing a piece of chalk using a mortar and pestle or a hammer. Sprinkle the chalk dust on the marble then rub in with a soft, damp cloth. Buff with a clean cloth for a brilliant shine.

5. Restoring robust rugs

To get your color back in your carpet or rug take small bucket and  pour 2 cups of white vinegar, 2 gallon of hot water, and 2 teaspoons ammonia into it. Mix well dip a washcloth into it and scrub away on the carpet. Soak up any excess with a dry towel.

6. Cast Iron cookware cleaner

To remove charred food from your cast iron cookware boil a mixture of salt and vinegar in it and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Rinse your pan thoroughly and then re-season it with vegetable oil before storing it.

7. Paint stains

If you've spilled paint in your carpet don't worry just go in the kitchen. Mix together 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 tablespoon dish washing liquid and 1 quart worm water. Douse the area with this mixture and try rubbing it away. If that doesn't work you may be out of luck. Wait for the paint to dry and snip off the area that has paint on it your carpet's "haircut" will be less noticeable than a giant paint stain.

8. Easy carpet cleanser

If you are going to have guests over here is a last minute method you can use to clean your dirty carpet. Simply mix a cup of ammonia with a quart of water. Use a mop to rub this solution onto the carpet and it'll help remove the grime. You might want to test this method beforehand on an unseen area of the carpet first.

9. How useful is Garbage bag

Make your oven racks easier to clean by coating them with cleanser placing them into a black plastic trash bag and setting them out side in the sun. After a few hours they'll be ready to spray off with a hose.

10. Coffee stains

Trying to get coffee stains out of your carpet. Well, here is a simple solution pour a can of bear on it  that's right just pour a couple of sips onto the stain and it should vanish. Dab up the extra beer with a paper towel and if the coffee stain doesn't go away completely repeat the task a couple more times. This works for tea stain too.

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